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Quality Label


Our Quality Label Standard offers a versatile framework for assessing and appraising the standards of organizations across diverse fields. Whether you run a small restaurant or manage a Hospital or Higher Educational Institute, our criteria are designed to assist you in elevating your organization to a higher standard. Recognizing that there is always room for improvement, our standards provide a valuable tool for evaluating and enhancing the quality of your operations. Explore our standard link to see how it can seamlessly be implemented in any organization, fostering continuous evaluation and improvement.

Quality Control and Evaluation

The standardization process caters to companies looking to accentuate the unique qualities of their products or services. It entails articulating the specificities and characteristic properties in a comprehensive document known as the standard. This collaborative endeavor is crafted in alignment with various stakeholders. Noteworthy is the voluntary nature of this process, distinguishing it from obligatory measures imposed, for instance, by a cantonal authority.


The labeling process enables a comprehensive evaluation of the quality of a product or service, with an ideal focus on its entire production chain. This assessment is rooted in predefined criteria established through a participatory process. These criteria, subject to periodic redefinition, undergo scrutiny by an accredited independent control body. While certain labels adhere to certification requirements, others do not.


The outlined processes are frequently subject to scrutiny through audits. Audits involve an expert evaluation conducted by an independent body to ascertain compliance with established criteria. These assessments can encompass a company's production procedures, financial standing, or management systems. Beyond its evaluative function, an audit serves as a valuable tool for identifying areas of improvement within a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME).

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